The inaugural report of the Freedom Initiative (Fi)’s newly-formed research department, investigates the impact of Egyptian detention practices on US persons and their family members in 2020.

The results of the research are clear: the impact of Egypt’s abusive detention practices is not felt only within its own borders. Transnational in nature, Egypt’s widespread and systematic campaign of arrest, imprisonment, and abuse reach Americans on their home soil. This report outlines the details of some of these cases, the impact on American lives, and the policies and resources available to mitigate this impact.

The report is based on research conducted by examining cases of US persons—defined here as American citizens, legal permanent residents, or resident visa holders—through an extensive review of legal, personal, or publicly-available documents, informational interviews with former detainees or family members of detainees, and consultation with experts. The research also identified eight emblematic cases to further explore through in-depth, semi-structured interviews.