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Common Dreams,  
March 5, 2024
“It is long past time for the United States to use its leverage and uphold U.S. law to end Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza and have this war come to an end,” said Seth Binder, director of advocacy at the Middle East Democracy Center, a coalition member. “The humanitarian catastrophe that millions of Palestinians are suffering through and its seismic moral and strategic consequences should compel members of Congress to do everything in its power to secure a cessation of hostilities.”
Exploring the Quran and the Bible,  
February 23, 2024
“In a nutshell, [religious freedom in Saudi Arabia] is disastrous…the Saudi state is subjugating its people to the rulers no matter what…just in this conversation, I’m violating Saudi laws…The Saudi government has used laws, doctrines, everything in its power, to go after people for speaking up about anything. This is true for the shia minority, for the majority, anyone who has a different idea,” Abdullah Alaoudh told Professor Gabriel Said Reynolds on the Exploring the Quran and the Bible podcast.
Defense News,  
February 6, 2024
“But a coalition of 17 arms control and human rights groups, led by the Center for Civilians in Conflict and the Middle East Democracy Center, sent a letter to lawmakers last week arguing the bill cedes congressional oversight authority by hindering lawmakers’ ability to place holds on sales over human rights concerns.”
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