Freedom Initiative Statement on the release of Loujain al-Hathloul:

“We are thrilled to see Loujain released from prison and in her home in Saudi after 1001 days in prison for her activism. The genuine happiness and relief on her face is priceless.  

“We take this moment to celebrate the victory of a worldwide campaign spearheaded by her courageous siblings, but the fight is not over. Loujain had precious years of her life stolen by the Saudi regime, her release is conditional, and she remains under a travel ban. Until Loujain is able to enjoy unencumbered freedom, cleared of all spurious allegations against her name, we consider this victory incomplete. We note the torture that Loujain endured at the hands of her interrogators and renew calls for justice for these abuses.

“We are inspired by her resilience and that of her family. We renew our commitment to their fight and that of so many others unjustly stripped of their freedom. To this end, we will work to ensure that the Biden administration speaks loudly and publicly against this abhorrent behavior from a U.S. ally.”