Episode 7, October 2022: “Driving Repression” | Dana El Kurd on Gulf-Israel Normalization

This episode sees University of Richmond professor Dana El Kurd discussing her recent working paper, “Peace and Authoritarian Practices: The Impact of Normalization with Israel on the Arab World,” with POMED’s Yasmeen El-Hasan

Most of the U.S. foreign policy establishment views the Abraham Accords and other normalization steps between Israel and Gulf autocracies as a victory for peace and tolerance in the region. In her paper, El Kurd examines one of the harmful repercussions of normalization: how it reinforces authoritarian practices around the region. Gulf governments, she argues, are using their growing ties with Israel to increase repression of their citizens at home and abroad.


This interview is part of POMED’s video series, “Between the Lines,” featuring interviews with authors of recent publications that explore rights and governance issues across the Middle East and North Africa. To be notified of future episodes, subscribe to POMED’s YouTube channel.