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Advocacy is essential for think tanks and other policy-oriented research organizations to influence policy debates in transitioning countries. Advocacy should be undertaken strategically; conducting research and analysis alone is futile if not joined with a proactive plan to effectively communicate information, evidence and recommendations to decision-makers.

Think tanks should therefore engage in meaningful and targeted advocacy work that actively reaches out to and engages relevant decision-makers in the required areas, since the quality of the institution’s research alone will not automatically attract the attention of decision-makers. Influencing key stakeholders and policy-makers through advocacy is essential to convince them that a particular issue is urgent, to provide them with feasible recommendations, and to enhance their confidence in the ability to bring about change.

This guide assembles relevant information on best practices for policy advocacy and aims to help policy-oriented organizations:

  • Learn about the fundamentals of advocacy;
  • Understand how advocacy can increase impact;
  • Develop an advocacy campaign strategy;
  • Acquire essential communications skills;
  • Assess and refine advocacy efforts.