Nareman Shehadeh Zoabi

DMI Advisory Group Member (Palestine & Israel)

Nareman Shehadeh-Zoabi is a Palestinian citizen of Israel. She holds an LLB in Law and a BA in Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MA in Criminology from Haifa University. Since 2018, she has been serving as a Human Rights Attorney at Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. Initially, Nareman worked in the Social and Economic Rights Unit, focusing on advocacy for marginalized groups, particularly the Bedouin community in the unrecognized villages in the southern Naqab region who are facing threats of evacuation. Her efforts have included advocating for accessible education, health, and welfare services by demanding the opening of schools and health clinics, providing public transportation, establishing unemployment centers, and ensuring fair budgeting.

In 2021, she transitioned to the Civil and Political Rights Unit, dedicated to promoting Palestinians’ civil and political rights, challenging systemic discrimination, and advocating for equal protection under Israeli and international law. Her primary focus has been on the criminal justice project, handling cases related to arbitrary detention, prisoners’ rights, freedom of speech-related offenses, and accountability. Shehadeh-Zoabi also challenges unconstitutional Israeli laws in the judicial system. Prior to joining Adalah, she contributed to various civil society organizations focused on the defense and empowerment of women and children. She completed her legal internship at the Haifa district criminal prosecutor’s office and later gained experience in the private sector.

From Nareman Shehadeh Zoabi