Abdelrahman Ayyash

Senior Policy Manager, Democracy Matters Initiative


Egypt · Civil-Military Relations · Human Rights · Islamic Movements

Abdelrahman Ayyash is a Senior Policy Manager at MEDC. He is a seasoned journalist, researcher, and translator with a focus on Islamic movements, civil-military relations, and human rights. Holding an M.A. in Global Affairs, he specializes in the Middle East and North Africa. As a fellow at Century International and director of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood working group, Ayyash co-authored the book Broken Bonds: The Existential Crisis of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, 2013–22 (2023). He has translated three books on civil-military relations, authoritarian politics, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and his research has been featured in esteemed institutions like the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Century Foundation, and the Arab Reform Initiative. His prior roles include serving as a Case Manager for the Freedom Initiative, an Assistant Researcher at Human Rights Watch, and an editor for the Arabic edition of HuffPost.