On Thursday, POMED and The International Republican Institute will host a panel discussion on various strategies for the United States to promote democracy within Iraq. The discussion will investigate how to establish democratic institutions at the local level of society.

Panelists include Christopher Holzen, Resident Country Director in Iraq for the International Republican Institute; Daniel Serwer, Vice-President of USIP’s Center for Post-Conflict Peace and Stability Operations and former executive director of the Iraq Study Group; Erin Mathews, Washington, D.C.-based Director of the Iraq Program for the National Democratic Institute; Dana Eyre, former Senior Advisor for USAID’s Iraq mission and the former USAID representative in the Coalition Provisional Authority’s Office of Policy Planning and Analysis; and Ambassador Joseph Saloom, Advisor to Amb. Satterfield (the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State and Coordinator for Iraq) and former Director of the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office.

Moderators: Thomas Garrett, Director of Middle East and North Africa Program, International Republican Institute and Andrew Albertson, Executive Director, Project on Middle East Democracy.

Date: Thursday, January 24th, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: The International Republican Institute, 1225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 700

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To RSVP, please send an email to rsvp@pomed.org.